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We are a standard American family. We are sick, we are cancer survivors, we have diabetes, we have arthritis, we have heart issues, we don't always feel good, and we don't always eat well.  We also know that we are no different than almost every other American family.  We lost our Kevin, our son, last year to pancreatic cancer and, at 45, he left us way too soon. Something that is happening too much, as many of you have shared your family heartbreaks with us, too.

In January 2018, the family made a commitment to begin to seriously focus on sharing the experts and resources we have used over the last few years to fight cancer, create a healthier living environment, and most importantly truly eating healthier.  We felt the best way to accomplish that is to utilize our nursery facility, The Plant Place, to offer classes covering such topics.   
We are a country that is getting sicker and sicker. Then we get put on medications with possible side effects that are worse than our sickness.  
We know that we all have the ability to turn around an amazing amount of health issues. That is what we are working towards with our family and friends. The classes all of us to learn and all get healthy together.

We strongly urge you to check out some of our classes. We are keeping the class prices down or even free to make this information as accessible as possible.
Space is limited so click the links on the class to register on-line to reserve your spot or you can give us a call. 
Summer 2018 Classes Schedule
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The World of Moringa - Instructor Gary Adams

During the FREE 90 minute class, you will learn how to grow it, trim it, harvest it, and use it as a valuable part of your daily diet all year long. This is a vital vegetable tree.  Come sample the Moringa leaf powder and Moringa oil, which is likewise valuable for lessening wrinkles, anti-aging, and healing the skin.   
You will be able to see what we have experienced over the last eight years in our quest to find out why this plant is called the "Miracle Tree", the results will blow your mind like it has ours.  

Whether you grow and harvest it yourself, or buy the Moringa leaf in powder, flakes, or seed oil form, it can improve your life and well being. Our session will show you the ways to take advantage of the power of Moringa and its unlimited uses and benefits, which can be especially valuable for anyone with arthritis or other pain(s) from inflammation.  

Hear local testimonies and experiences of the products firsthand. 

We have had many individuals and organizations ask us to come speak to their groups or members.  Let us know if you are interested in having us speak to a group that is interested in The World of Moringa.  

Call us for more information and details.  941-753-6611

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