Better Than Great believes in living healthy and providing resources to help others to do the same. In January 2018, the family made a commitment to begin to seriously focus on sharing the experts and resources we have used over the last few years to fight cancer, create a healthier living environment, and most importantly truly making eating healthier a life style. 
We felt the best way to accomplish that is to utilize our nursery facility, The Plant Place, to offer classes/workshop covering such topics.  
The workshop covers an array of topics from the ground up (literally).  We cover how to getting your dirt (dead no nutrients) to soil (healthy full of microbes) all the way to creating healthy living - healthy eating, stress reduction through gardening, and reduction of chemical in your environment. 
We are a country that is getting sicker and sicker. We know that we all have the ability to turn around these health issue by getting educated on what is causing it.  The classes are for us to learn and all get healthy together.

We strongly urge you to check out some of our classes. We are keeping the class prices down or even free to make this information as accessible as possible.
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